What is Kingdom Coin2.0 Wallet?

Kingdom Coin2.0 supports web wallet for any operating system.

  • Wallet for Windows (Make sure you back up your wallet and keep it in a safe place!)
  • Android device wallet (Make sure you back up your wallet and store it in a safe place!)
  • Web wallet (Please keep your ID and password secure!)
  • For other operating systems, use the web wallet.
  • Remember that your web wallet does not have a backup feature, so remember your username and password and be careful to keep it secure.

Kingdom Coin2.0 Purse for Windows

Once downloaded, unzip it and use it immediately without installation.

Wallet for Windows Download

Android Kingdom coin2.0 wallet

You can download the wallet for Android devices from Google Playstore.

Android wallet installation

Kingdom Coin2.0 Web Wallet

It can be used without installation on the web.

Go to Kingdom Coin2.0 Web Wallet