About Our KINGDOM Coin2.0

Kingdom Coin2.0 is creating a new trend of truly virtual encrypted currency that can be used in our daily lives.
The Kingdom Coin2.0 is aimed at using cash like real life unlike ordinary virtual currency.

True virtual currency

True virtual currency
It has the advantages of existing virtual currency, and has been further developed in Kingdom Coin2.0.

The fastest payment method

The Kingdom Coin2.0 boasts a transfer speed of less than 1 second.
It is important in order to be used as true currency in our daily lives.

Light block chain that cannot be hacked

The Kingdom Coin2.0 uses the lightest block chain.
In the future, even if users increase rapidly, Kingdom Coin2.0 can be used lightly and quickly on smartphones.


Who we are

Kingdom Coin2.0 is establishing operating offices around the world including China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Arabia.

Kingdom Coin2.0 is building a new virtual currency system by combining centralization and decentralization.

Kingdom Coin2.0 is not only developing IOT-based programs, but it is light and fast will definitely be the new leader of virtual encryption currency used around the world.

Current local branches in each country

Kingdom Coin2.0 is spreading all over the world.
Presently, four regional offices have been established and will continue to expand operations to all over the world.